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One of the most advanced products of the world in its category.

It is an innovative coating for glass surfaces that avoids an excessive temperature increase of indoor areas exposed directly to sun since it is endowed with the capacity to prevent/block the transmission of heat frequencies from outside through the windows, windshields or any glass structure, by acting as a heat blocker, achieves an interior temperature of up to 16ºC lower than if the glass is not treated.  This fact permits to reduce the necessity of refrigeration in indoor places making them more comfortable and decreasing notably the energy costs.

In this way, a reduction of 10ºC implies an energy saving of 60%.




  • Very easy application by conventional coating or painting techniques (air gun), spray or cleaning tools (cloth, articulable sponge)


  • Temperature reduction of at least 25%, being possible to increase the capacity of blocking the infrared radiation (IR) through additional layers.


  • Important energy saving and cost savings in air conditioning operation systems in glazed places.


  • Totally transparent, the coating keeps unaltered the visual appearance of the glass.





Saving Energy

an innovative coating for glass